UNICEF Job Circular Bangladesh 2020

Recruiters Introduction: 1949: UNICEF opens a field office in the bank to manage operations in East Pakistan. The first office was opened in Dhaka with two staff and one driver.

1950-1960: UNICEF works closely with the Ministry of Health to prevent tuberculosis (TB), smallpox, malaria and cholera. Improved maternal and child health care systems and training of health workers were introduced. Apart from this, various programs are taken up for the development of toilets, water supply and education, training and livelihood development for the common man.

1970: On November 12, a devastating cyclone hit the coast, killing at least 500,000 people. Another 4.5 million people lost their homes, houses, fishing boats and livestock. UNICEF repaired and rebuilt more than 11,000 wells at the time and provided 1,000 tons of rice and other relief supplies.

1971: About one crore people fled to India during the war of liberation. UNICEF works with other UN agencies in Calcutta to provide them with shelter, food, sanitation, clean water and cooking utensils. Assistance was provided to six and a half lakh children in the refugee camps to provide supplementary food. George Harrison’s concert for Bangladesh in New York on 1 August drew the world’s attention to the humanitarian crisis and raised funds for UNICEF-led work to help refugees. This was the first such concert and it was recognized as the motivation for raising funds to address the contemporary humanitarian crisis. With the sale of albums and films, people began to learn about the plight of Bangladesh and the war-torn population, as well as money from the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF. Bangladesh gained independence on 16 December. However, the war crippled the country’s economy and left a deep scar on the nation’s psyche.

1984: Bangladesh joined the UN on 16 September. In collaboration with UNICEF, the government launched the National Oral Rehydration Campaign. Food saline invented in Bangladesh was first given to children suffering from cholera during the 1971 War of Independence. This oral rehydration saline (ORS) is a solution of water, salt and glucose in the right proportions to fill the dehydration caused by diarrhea. The expanded immunization program was officially launched on April 6, 1989 to vaccinate children against diarrhea, tetanus, pertussis, tuberculosis, measles and polio.

2013: The government approved the ‘Children’s Act 2013’. It has provided a cohesive legal framework to protect children from oppression, violence, deprivation as well as their access to justice. The law is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Bangladesh has taken an initiative to reduce the infant mortality rate to zero by 2035 by saving the lives of one lakh eight thousand children under the age of five every year.

2015: Bangladesh achieves the Millennium Development Goals (SDGs) by reducing maternal mortality and child mortality. In this case, Bangladesh is far ahead of the neighboring South Asian countries.

2018: UNICEF has launched a new Country Program for the period 2017-2020 with an emphasis on sustainable development goals. UNICEF received government approval to own a plot this year. The land was given to the United Nations in 1997. UNICEF plans to build its own building on this plot in Agargaon, Dhaka.

➧ Job Circular Publisher: UNICEF Job Circular Bangladesh

➧ Job Type: BD Govt Job

➧ Job Post Name: Post name has well described in attached image.

➧ Number of Vacancies: See the job circular image attached below.

➧ Qualifications: See the job circular image below.

➧ Required Experience: See the job circular image below.

➧ Age Limit: As mentioned below.

➧ Job Source: Online newspaper & Bangladeshi national daily.

➧ Salary: As mentioned below.

➧ Job Location: Anywhere in Bangladesh.

➧ Application Procedure: Follow the below circular image.

Job Published On: 21 December 2019

Application Deadline: 5 February 2020

*** Applicant must enclose his/her photograph with CV ***

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In Bangladesh, job security is very important when it comes to young people making job decisions. Because in this country it is very difficult to find a job after a certain age. That’s why, the guarantee of employment in public services are attracting young candidates.

On the other hand, although private companies do not have the potential to get such high salaries in the beginning, with the increase of experience and skills, there is a possibility of higher salaries that cannot be found in government jobs. Meanwhile, the vibrancy of private corporate jobs is easily able to attract any young person.

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